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What should I do if I’m having trouble ordering online?

Please contact the store you wish to order from directly as there may be issues with the online ordering system.

Also feel free to drop us a line! At Crust we love getting all sorts of feedback in our constant pursuit to improve our services. Please send a list of the issues you’re encountering to customerfeedback@crust.com.au with any details that may help (or even screenshots) so we can improve your next online ordering experience.

*Please note that online orders end approximately 30 minutes prior to the close of trade to allow time for staff to make and deliver orders before the shop closes.

The website came up with an error message when it was processing my payment, and I’m not sure if my order went through or not. What do I do?

Please contact the store that you have placed your order with as soon as possible. All our stores contact details can be found here. Just let them know what happened, and they will be happy to sort this out quickly for you.

Do you keep credit card details on file at all?

No. For privacy reasons we do not store any of your credit card details on our system. For further information please visit our privacy section here which outlines our privacy policy.

I am trying to place my order online but the website is telling me that there is no delivery store for my address

This may mean that you are located outside of the official designated delivery zone for the store you are trying to order from. These zones exist because we want to be able to ensure your pizza arrives hot and fresh. For confirmation that your nearest store delivers to you, please check the store details located here and phone the store directly.

I am trying to order online but it keeps coming up with “Your selected store is currently offline"

Your store may be experiencing local connectivity or internet issues. You will need to phone our friendly staff at your store to complete your order. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, if you have any further queries please email customerfeedback@crust.com.au.

I have just moved and would like to change my delivery address in the VIPP section, how do I do this?

That’s an easy one! Please login and visit the edit your profile section of our website to change your address. You can also change other important information (like your contact number) there too.

I’m having trouble logging in with my VIPP details. What do I do?

Firstly, try performing a password reset, and if that doesn’t work, please send us an email to edit your profile with your VIPP details, and we will resolve this for you as soon as possible.

I would like a half/half pizza, do you guys have a surcharge?

There is a $1 surcharge for all half/half orders. If you order a half/half pizza from two different ranges you will be charged for the higher priced pizza.

Why can’t I choose which store I want for delivery?

We have very specific delivery territories allocated for each of our stores. Our online ordering system is smart enough to automatically select your local store for you based on your street address, not your postcode. Unfortunately you will not be able to receive a delivery from another store outside of your territory, but you are still eligible for pick up.

How long will my delivery take?

We like to say deliveries take approximately 45 mins during weekdays and approximately 1 hour on weekends. We do our best to get your delicious pizza out to you as soon as possible (we know you’re craving it) but we like to give ourselves a little extra time in case our drivers encounter unforeseen circumstances, which may include traffic and bad weather. The most important thing to us is making sure our drivers arrive safely and that your pizza arrives hot!